Nevada Flood Chronology

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The lowest annual average precipitation and one of the fastest growing populations in the United States contribute to a tendency for both the general public and land-use planners to underestimate flood hazards in Nevada, despite historical evidence of frequent flooding.

As new areas are developed to accommodate growth, communities are increasingly faced with the option of developing in areas prone to flooding. Flooding in Nevada various from regional events that occur during winter or spring from warm rain storms that rapidly melt seasonal snowpack to flash-floods derived from very localized summer convective storms with short duration, high intensity rainfall.

The focus of the Flood Chronology web site is on existing data, both measured and estimated, for flood events in Nevada. Data includes historic flood photography, video clips, flood-frequency analyses, associated climatology, flood narratives, and links to other flood-related web sites.

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Silver Jackets Flood Image Compilations

The Silver Jackets have compiled images from past floods in the Humboldt and Truckee Rivers.

Humboldt River photos

Truckee River photos