TROD: Temperature Profiling Probe

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Temperature measurements are routinely made for investigating ecological and hydrological processes. Temperature is a key parameter for monitoring the suitability of fisheries habitat and streambed temperature data are useful for estimating surface water and groundwater exchange. Measuring vertically nested temperatures at the streambed interface poses practical challenges. 

To address these challenges, we built and patented a new discrete subsurface temperature profiling probe (referred to as TROD, from temperature rod). The TROD was designed for monitoring temperature at 6 discrete temperature depths along a 3/4-inch diameter 1-m long sealed PVC pipe. The temperature sensors are secured inside a water-proof enclosure to avoid moisture damage to electronics. A heavy duty submersible communication cable allows for downloading the temperature data via USB port. The TROD is designed to be installed into stream sediment for measuring temperature in both sediment and/or surface water.


Find out how the TROD works at the TROD: Temperature Profiling Probe Web Site