International Collaboration with the Texas Water Science Center

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The Texas Water Science Center (TXWSC) recognizes the mutual benefits resulting from interaction with international scientific partners.  Much can be learned about fundamental principles of science and applications of science and technology by looking at global perspectives.   TXWSC international collaboration includes coordinated training workshops and short- and long-term assignments both of USGS personnel to scientific projects abroad and of foreign scientists and technicians to USGS activities in the United States.

Groundwater Modeling Training in Bangkok, Thailand

Sachin Shah, USGS TXWSC, providing a course on 'Applied Groundwater Modeling for Groundwater Investigation and Conservation' for capacity building for the Department of Groundwater Resources of Bangkok, Thailand.

Hydrologic data and consistent information dissemination is a critical component for water and food security – issues that concern developing countries.

Understanding of hydrology (groundwater and surface water) provided by USGS science is necessary for both international governments and development agencies to understand what is available, how projects will affect people and resources, and where development funding can be most efficiently and effectively spent.

Further, in an increasingly complex world, often across political borders, it is critical to understand how resources affect each other, leveraging technology to readily inform decision-makers.

The Texas Water Science Center provides a wide variety of scientists (hydrologists, geographers, geophysicists, biologists), technologists, and international development personnel who provide a seamless pipeline from science to data delivery – a gap that developing countries need to fill. International activity and correspondence include: Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Philippines, Brazil, Iceland, and England.

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