Lewisville Dam Seepage Monitoring

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The USGS Texas Water Science Center is monitoring water surface elevation in monitoring wells and seepage losses from Lake Lewisville dam.

Lake Lewisville dam is classified as a DSAC I dam and known to have historical problems with seepage losses at the toe of the dam.

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has installed monitoring wells and relief wells along the toe of the dam to monitor the change in water surface elevation and relieve uplift pressures on the toe. They have also installed drainage pipe, or seepage collection systems, to provide pathways for seepage to travel away from the toe of the dam.

The USGS is assisting the USACE by providing the instrumentation and monitoring support to measure, log, and transmit water surface elevation and temperature data at a one hour interval.

Monitoring of the water surface elevation is critical to understand how pressure and seepage losses vary with reservoir surface elevation, to determine if the losses are getting better or worse over time, and to satisfy the requirement for risk reduction of DSAC I dams.