Sediment Response of Stream Restoration Practices, Turtle Creek, Union County, Pennsylvania

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USGS is providing data and analyses to assess stream restoration effectiveness in Turtle Creek, Union County, Pennsylvania, by measuring differences in sediment erosion and deposition in restored and eroded stream reaches.

Photograph of person installing equipment to sample sediment laden water from a stream

Site preparation for sediment sampling in Turtle Creek (John Clune, USGS, Public domain.)

We will use geospatial analysis and geomorphic assessments along a gradient of stream stability. Study sites will include restored, eroded and control stream reaches. Both traditional and innovative geomorphic techniques as shown below are being used over 2-3 years to assess sediment redistribution. Results will be published in a peer-reviewed publication.




Schematic of a stream showing sections and investigation methods

Sediment study schematic, Turtle Creek, Union County, Pennsylvania