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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
IT Specialist Samuel R Aliro 808-690-9607
Hydrologic Technician Wyatt E Barrs 971-334-3408
Hydrologic Technician Timothy R Brunetto 808-690-9580
Assistant Center Director Christopher A Curran 808-690-9603
Budget Analyst Bles May B Daog 808-690-9601
Hydrologic Technician Clarence L Edwards 808-690-9589
Hydrologist Richard A Fontaine
Research Ecologist Lucas Berio Fortini 808-230-3669
Hydrologic Technician Nathan Scott Hagar 808-690-9569
Center Director John P Hoffmann 808-690-9602
Hydrologist Scot K Izuka 808-690-9586
Hydrologic Technician Heather A Jeppesen 808-690-9582
Hydrologist Adam G Johnson 808-690-9583
Hydrologist Heidi L Kāne 808-690-9612
Administrative Officer Lynnette SW Kawakami 808-690-9604
Hydrologist Joseph J Kennedy
Budget Analyst Leanne R Kitano 808-690-9562
Hydrologic Technician Vaughn E Kunishige 808-690-9577
Hydrologic Field Assistant Charlie K Liverton
Hydrologist Alan Mair 808-690-9596
Hydrologic Technician Vivien B McNett
Hydrologic Field Assistant Uliʻi M Miyajima 808-690-9585
Hydrologic Technician Rylen K Nakama 808-690-9578
Hydrologic Technician Dale C Nishimoto
Supervisory Hydrologist Jill D Nishimura 808-690-9605
Hydrologic Technician Stephen G O'Brien 808-690-9579
Hydrologist Delwyn S Oki 808-690-9598
Hydrologist Brytne K Okuhata
Hydrologic Technician Lhiberty D Pagaduan 808-690-9567
Hydrologic Field Assistant Hunter T Polhemus
Hydrologist Todd K Presley 808-690-9588
Hydrologic Technician Casey J Rita 808-690-9576
Hydrologic Field Assistant Ray A Rochester
Hydrologist Sarah N Rosa 808-690-9593
Hydrologist Kolja Rotzoll 808-690-9565
Hydrologist Craig Senter
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin H Shimizu 808-690-9574
Hydrologic Technician Ross M Shipley
Hydrologic Technician Daniel A Sinclair 808-690-9592
Hydrologic Technician James K Stack 808-690-9564
Hydrologic Technician Spencer S Strobel 808-690-9568
Hydrologic Field Assistant Carl Wesley Tobias
Administrative Operations Assistant April Torres 808-690-9573
IT Specialist Eldon O Visitacion 808-690-9606
Hydrologic Technician Anela M Whisenhunt 808-690-9563
Administrative Operations Assistant Jazmine O Wilkes 808-690-9566
Hydrologist Chiu W Yeung 808-690-9584
Deputy Center Director Stephen J Zahniser 808-690-9595
Administrative Management Intern Dominique N Zamora