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Stephen J Zahniser

Stephen Zahniser is the Deputy Director of the Pacific Islands Water Science Center in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

Stephen Zahniser joined the USGS Pacific Islands Water Science Center as the Associate Director and Studies Section Chief in 2021 where he oversees water-resources investigations in the Hawaiian islands and other Pacific islands. Stephen earned a Master of Science degree in Geological Sciences from the Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. After graduating, he joined an environmental consulting firm as a field hydrologist. During his time there, Stephen performed fate and transport modeling and groundwater studies in unconsolidated sediment, fracture flow, and karst systems. He also oversaw a number of large-scale RCRA and CERCLA projects while leading a team of field geologists and hydrologists.

For six years prior to joining the USGS, Stephen worked as a senior account manager with a geographic information systems software company  whose products focused on enterprise-level geospatial strategies and national elevation mapping. He is an active participant in the USGS Community  for Data Integration, and a member of the American Water Resources Association, American Geophysical Union, and National Groundwater Association.