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Science Focus Areas

The USGS Pacific Islands Water Science Center collects, analyzes, and publishes objective hydrologic data and information needed to make informed decisions about water resources. We are a team of hydrologists, hydrologic technicians, and support staff serving the needs of our communities and our partners in Hawaiʻi and other Pacific Islands. 

Hydrologic Monitoring
Operation of flood-alert systems to protect life and property. Monitoring of streamflow, groundwater levels, water quality, and rainfall to assess freshwater availability.

Groundwater Availability
Development of models to assess effects of climate, land cover, and groundwater withdrawals on freshwater availability.

Quantity and Variability of Streamflow
Development of models to estimate low flows, and flood magnitudes and frequencies.

Water Quality Related to Land Use
Identification of the sources of suspended sediment, nutrients, pesticides, and wastewater indicators in streams.