Science Center Objects

The USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center’s Marine Facility recently acquired this floating coring rig that features a motorized piston coring unit and is capable of collecting 20-meter sediment cores in calm waters.

Designed by Uwitec of Austria, our modular, floating sediment piston coring rig can collect cores up to 20 meters long from remote lakes, fjords, and estuaries. These are calm environments in which sedimentary units are well-preserved through geologic time, holding records of tsunamis and earthquakes.

Photo of a metal A-frame coring rig in a parking lot.

The coring rig set up in our wareyard in Santa Cruz.

Photo of a floating coring rig with metal A-frame support structure and platforms to accommodate operators at two levels.

The rig is perfect for remote locations where the preservation of the sedimentary record is imperative.