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Advances in water quality monitoring technology have made it possible to measure more variables than ever before. 

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Metal box with river and buildings in background
Gage box holding equipment for USGS site 01467200, Delaware River at Penn's Landing at Philadelphia, PA. 

The Delaware River is rich in history, ecologically diverse, and critical to the regional economy. Water managers in this basin have a long history of applying innovative solutions to ensure the long-term sustainability of a treasured resource that provides drinking water to over 15 million people in the region. 

USGS programs like the Next Generation Water Observing System (NGWOS) in the Delaware River Basin provide an opportunity to develop an integrated system to support innovative modern water prediction and decision support systems in a nationally important, complex interstate river system. One such example is at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a crucial point of the Delaware River. This station has been monitoring real-time water quality since the 1960's, making it one of the longest standing continuous water quality monitors in the country.  

USGS recently created an educational video about the water quality monitoring testbed this station, located next to the Independence Seaport Museum. Watch the video to learn more about the various water quality parameters being measured including chlorophyll, nitrate, and organic carbon and see the new instrumentation and monitoring techniques being tested as part of this project. 

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