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So you've been accepted as a participant for a Powell Center Working group, and want to know what's next? This page has Information for visitors to the Powell Center.

Powell Center Acknowledgement

Powell Center Acknowledgement

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Access the Visitor Information Packet [pdf] to help plan your stay and activities in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Travel information below explains the travel arrangement process.  The travel information is different for USGS, other federal agency, other US, or international travelers.  Everyone will be contacted with their specific travel instructions 6-8 weeks before their meeting. If you have questions about the travel process before then, please contact the Powell Center Travel group (

Powell Center Travel FAQ [pdf]

General Travel Information:

DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS (unless told to by the Powell Center Travel Arranger)! Powell Center cannot reimburse you for flights if you purchase your own ticket. The Powell Center covers all travel and per diem expenses for participants. Refer to Finances of Successful Proposals table for an explanation. These are acceptable travel expenses:

  • Hotel expenses for the length of the meeting to include the day before and after meeting, if necessary, and at the government rate only;
  • Meals and incidental expenses for the length of the meeting to include the day before and after meeting, if necessary;
  • Airline tickets from a participant’s originating airport to Denver International Airport and the return to originating airport. DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN FLIGHTS UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE BY USGS TRAVEL AGENTS;
  • Two-way mileage between participant’s residence and home airport or between the participant’s residence and Fort Collins. The mileage rate is .535 cents/mile;
  • Parking at home airport, not to exceed $70.00;
  • Shuttle/taxi to and from home airport.

Pre-travel forms are required from each participant so appropriate travel and lodging arrangements may be made. We attempt to ease travel arrangements, but different forms are required for USGS, other federal, university, and international travelers. Failure of the traveler to initiate the travel arrangement process increases the workload. We will notify Working Group Principal Investigators about missing pre- and post-travel forms, requesting the PIs contact those travelers to provide the required information.