Development of Computer Software for the Analysis of Animal Population Parameters

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Biologists at USGS Patuxent, as well as cooperating agencies are constantly looking for new ways of answering questions about the status of animal populations and how animal populations change over time. To address these questions, data are collected on captures and or sightings of animals which can be used to estimate parameters which affect the population using legacy software. Over time, new questions and methods for addressing these questions arise which require new computer software.

Software packages are written at Patuxent to be general enough in scope, and user-friendly enough to be useful to many other scientists world-wide.

These programs are made available to the public via a worldwide-web server. Many of the programs can be used via a web-browser without the need to download the software. Others can be downloaded and run on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. All programs include documentation and references to published literature on the methods used to produce the output.