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Sensitivity of Storm Response to Antecedent Topography in the XBeach Model

Publication of "Sensitivity of Storm Response to Antecedent Topography in the XBeach Model" in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering: Beach-Dune System Morphodynamics Special Issue.

An aerial photo of a thin island extending toward the horizon with water on both sides
An aerial view of Dauphin Island, Alabama, shows a thin strip of road partially covered by sand, with undeveloped beach in the foreground and developed beach in the background.

This work introduces the use of the parameterized island Gaussian fit (PIGF) model as a tool for characterizing barrier island profiles as well as a tool for generating idealized profiles based on those derived characteristics. These profiles were used to assess the sensitivity of morphological response in the numerical model XBeach under the same hydrodynamic conditions to determine model uncertainty. This research was done as part of an effort to assess how uncertainty in one model could propagate throughout a coupled model framework; it also established methods that could be applied to a national scale for development of an operational product that predicts magnitudes of morphologic change for approaching storms. Data were derived from LiDAR at Dauphin Island, Alabama.

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