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SPCMSC scientists to present at Coastal Sediments '19 conference

SPCMSC scientists Julie Bernier, Noreen Buster, Kara Doran, Karen Morgan, and Tim Nelson will present their research at the Coastal Sediments '19 conference, May 27–31, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Research Geologist Jennifer Miselis, co-author with Bernier and Buster, will also be attending. 

Presentation title:

J. Bernier - Application of Sediment End-Member Analysis for Understanding Sediment Fluxes, Northern Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana

N. Buster - Integrated Terrestrial and Submerged Sediment Flux Assessment Along the Northern Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana

K. Doran - Forecasts of Coastal Change Hazards
K. Morgan -  iCoast – Did the Coast Change? Storm-Impact Model Verification Using Citizen Scientists

T. Nelson - Method for Observing Breach Geomorphic Evolution: Satellite Observation of the Fire Island Wilderness Breach

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