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SPCMSC scientists represent USGS at the Coastal Solutions Workshop for the Gulf Coast

Scientists from the St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center will participate in the virtual Ocean Visions Coastal Solutions Workshop: “Coastal Flood Modeling, Prediction and Observations for the U.S. Gulf Coast.”

Model contrast lower sea level rise vs. higher sea level rise into the future
This model shows what Dauphin Island, Alabama, may look like under moderate storms but with increasing rates of sea level rise (Passeri and others, 2018). (Credits: RC Mickey, images; B. Boynton, animation; USGS. Public domain.)

USGS is a co-organizer with Ocean Visions for the virtual Coastal Solutions Workshop titled: “Coastal Flood Modeling, Prediction and Observations for the U.S. Gulf Coast” that will be held April 27th and 28th, 2021. This workshop will serve as a forum for assembling the research community working on various Gulf Coast coastal flood observations, modeling, and forecasting efforts to improve integration and collaboration among these entities to better serve coastal stakeholders. Hilary Stockdon, Research Oceanographer, was invited to present the keynote address to touch upon landscape issues, coastal hazard challenges, the benefits of collaboration, and focusing on underserved communities that are most vulnerable to coastal change. Davina Passeri, Research Oceanographer, will present research on “Assessing sustainable restoration measures to increase barrier island resilience through data collection, integrated modeling, and decision support – the Alabama Barrier Island Restoration Assessment.” Kara Doran, Physical Scientist, will give a presentation on “USGS Forecasts of Total Water Level and Coastal Change Hazards along the U.S. Gulf Coast” and will participate in a panel discussion on current challenges with observation, modeling, and stakeholder engagement.

Gulf Coast communities are facing more frequent and severe flooding, inundation, sea-level rise, and coastal change. Many coastal research and forecasting products are now designed in active partnership with local and state partners and are intended to assist community stakeholders with addressing today’s coastal flood hazards and future flooding, inundation, sea-level rise, and coastal change. The workshop will showcase case studies for how these products are evolving to meet a range of coastal stakeholder needs for addressing contemporary and future coastal flood hazards. This will include a specific focus on understanding how to enhance the co-development of these products and services among underserved communities.

Agenda, registration, and zoom link can be found at

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