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Meet our staff at the UMid Gladstone Field Office!

The Upper Midwest Water Science Center (UMid) Gladstone Field office is our Northern most field office within UMid’s Eastern Data section servicing Northern Michigan. Our office is co-located with the Forest Service office, on the scenic shores of Little Bay de Noc, in Gladstone, Michigan.

Two men in bright green safety jackets collect sediment samples from bridge on winter day
(L to R) Doug Bonno, Will Lund, and Dean Burdett collect suspended sediment samples, April 8, 2022.
Man in yellow safety vest stands in front of open USGS streamgage housing with river and bridge in background

Our staff consists of 6 employees, who cooperatively work to conduct field work in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Gladstone staff are: Matt Chilson, Matt Holmio, Joe Clark, Dean Burdett, Doug Bonno, and Luke Haara.

The Gladstone office operates 52 real-time gages which span the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our focus is primarily related to the collection and processing streamflow data. We also monitor several sites for continuous water quality, groundwater stage, and we routinely perform discrete water quality sampling.

Our data collection supports a wide range of cooperators that include the Michigan Department of Environment, Great lakes and Energy, FERC regulated hydropower facilities, Native American tribes, USEPA through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the USGS National Priority Streamgage network, county and municipal governments. The Gladstone office strives to provide unbiased hydrologic data to our cooperators and the public.

Two men load cargo into docked float plane
Dean Burdett prepares to board a floatplane with water samples taken from 04040000 Washington Creek near Windigo, MI, Isle Royale National Park, May 24, 2022.

Most of our field work occurs in rural and remote areas, including a streamgage on Isle Royale National Park. While these remote areas offer access to beautiful parts of the state, the field work requires working in areas far away from medical assistance, with limited to no cell phone reception. Therefore, we must operate cautiously adhering to all safety protocols. The safety of our staff is our number one priority!


Group of ten men standing and smiling in a garage with a sign in the background stating "safety is job #1"
USGS meeting with National Weather Service at Gladstone garage, July 14, 2022. (L to Rt: Matt Chilson, Doug Bonno, Dean Burdett, Evan Kutta, Jim Salzwedel, Jordan Wendt, Greg Sova, Chris Hoard, Matt Holmio, Ralph Haefner).
Two men in UTV on training course with orange cones designating route with man looking on, supervising
Joe Clark and Doug Bonno operating UTV during safety training with James Letsos, Sept. 6, 2023.

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