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Director Dave Applegate visited the Upper Midwest Water Science Center October 10-12, 2023.

Man in vest and bow tie speaks to group of people with virtual meeting projected on screen in background
USGS Director Dr. David Applegate speaks to Upper Midwest Water Science Center staff in person and virtually from the Mounds View, Minnesota office.

USGS Director Dr. David Applegate visited the Upper Midwest Water Science Center offices in Minnesota and Wisconsin, October 10-12, 2023.

While in St. Paul and Mounds View, Minnesota, he gave the staff an overview on a range of topics including Human Capital, funding, shutdown, and new science. Center staff had an opportunity to sit down over a delicious potluck meal and visit with the Director and present brief overviews representing a variety of science topics and innovation important to our partners.

The Director was able to tour the St. Croix River at Stillwater gage on the lift bridge in Stillwater, MN. Ben Torrison showed Dir. Applegate what's in the gage box and explained how it all worked. Ben and James Fallon gave an interview this past spring to the local NBC affiliate, KARE11, who were interested in the cameras at gages in Minnesota. The interview covered why imagery is so important at gages, how it assists us in operating gages, and how it benefits the public. 

Network of river cameras offer helpful view of flooding to the public — and experts | 

Man in USGS hat and vest speaking with river and trees in background
David Applegate visits Stillwater, Minnesota, as a part of a visit to the Upper Midwest Water Science Center Minnesota offices in St. Paul and Mounds View.
Man in USGS hat stands next to another man pointing at a computer screen with streamgage in background
Ben Torrison and David Applegate review data at the St. Croix River at Stillwater, Minnesota streamgage - 05341550
Group of people stand in front of streamgage
David Applegate, Upper Midwest Water Science Center and Midcontinent Region staff visit the St. Croix River at Stillwater, MN streamgage, 05341550.
USGS Director stands at front of conference room and speaks to a group of scientists
USGS Director Dr. David Applegate speaks to Upper Midwest Water Science Center employees in Madison, Wisconsin on October 12, 2023.

While Director Applegate was in Madison, Wisconsin, the UMid and local Water Mission Area staff was treated to doughnuts and cheese (when in

Wisconsin do as the Wisconsinites do) while he covered similar topics in his staff address. The Madison staff was able to present lightening talks on some of the innovative science that is occurring within that office such as compact deployable samplers, innovative geonarrative mapping, science communication and rapid sampling techniques.

Afterwards, Director Applegate joined the team of the Mercury Research Laboratory which has been at the cutting edge of sampling and analysis methods for mercury and other environmental contaminants for over 20 years. With research projects around the world including Antarctica, the research conducted by the Mercury Research Laboratory is used by countries to set regulations for human and wildlife who may be exposed to those contaminants.

We appreciated the visit from Director Applegate and welcome him back any time to learn more about our science.

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