Warren County Non-Carbonate Aquifer Appraisal

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The non-carbonate aquifer system is present over an extensive region of the Northern Shenandoah Valley and is increasingly being relied upon to supply water to local communities. This is an area with an expanding economy and a growing population, and, to meet future water needs, this aquifer is likely to be developed to supplement current withdrawals from both the carbonate aquifer system and surface-water bodies in the region. An improved understanding of this complex aquifer system is required to effectively develop and manage it as a sustainable water supply. Hydrogeologic information provided by a detailed aquifer appraisal will provide useful information to better address questions about (1) the quantity of water available for use, (2) the effects of increased pumpage on ground-water levels and instream flows, and (3) the quality of the ground-water supply and its vulnerability to current and potential future sources of contamination.

The area to be considered in this proposed study encompasses the non-carbonate formations in Warren County, Virginia consisting primarily of the Martinsburg Formation outcrop belt in the western half of the County and the Blue Ridge rocks in the eastern half of the County.


Ground-water studies in Warren County have generally focused on proposed local development sites. These studies were conducted without the benefit of knowledge gained from long-term data networks or from a systematic evaluation of the ground-water resources in the areas underlain by non-carbonate rocks. The establishment of a long-term data network and information from this proposed study will aid future land-use and water-supply planning activities in the County.


The objective of this study is to better characterize the non-carbonate aquifer system in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and provide relevant hydrogeologic information that can be used to guide the development and management of this water resource.

Relevance and Benefits

This study will provide hydrogeologic information and data on the non-carbonate aquifers in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Water-resources information from this study will be used by multiple parties for planning and operational purposes. In addition, this study in conjunction with the on-going study of the carbonate aquifers in Frederick (VA134) and Clarke Counties (VA146), Va. will be the foundation for a future regional assessment of the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


This study will be the initial phase of a long-term appraisal of the northern Shenandoah Valley non-carbonate aquifer system in Warren County, Virginia. Seven major work elements will be included in this initial phase (1) Hydrogeologic Framework, (2) Ground-Water Flow System, (3) Water Balance, (4) Water Quality (including aquifer susceptibility), (5) Long-Term Monitoring Program, (6) Geographic Information System Coverages, and (7) Information Assessment. The initial phase of the appraisal will be completed in five years beginning in April 2002.

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