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Working with the USGS

We work with partners to jointly plan scientific work that has broad relevance to address current water issues. Our partners include Federal, State, and local agencies, Native American governments, and other public organizations.

For a complete list of our partners, please visit Washington Water Science Center Partners.

Partners choose to work with the USGS because of our broad technical expertise, our long-standing record of performing high-quality measurements and assessments, and our commitment to providing public access to information and data. Additionally, the non-regulatory mission of the USGS means that parties in many types of regulatory and jurisdictional disputes depend upon USGS to provide valid and unbiased data and analyses and accept scientific results. 

Funding for our work comes from a variety of sources, including direct Federal appropriations, other Federal agencies, and a cooperative program that allows the USGS Washington Water Science Center to match funding with State and local agencies on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

WAWSC has staff in four offices located in Spokane, Kennewick, Ferndale, and Tacoma. Our staff include scientists, technicians, and operational personnel committed to providing accurate and timely water resource and other natural-resource information for the public. 


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