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The Washington Water Science Center is located in Tacoma, Washington. We also carry out research and monitoring from our field offices in Ferndale, Kennewick, and Spokane. Our staff consists of scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to providing accurate and timely information to Washington and the Nation.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologist Scott W Anderson 253-552-1633
Physical Scientist Matthew Barker 253-552-1649
Administrative Officer Elizabeth Benson 253-552-1601
Hydrologic Technician David Bess
Hydrologic Technician Christoper G Bird 360-312-8155
Ext: 2004
Supervisory Hydrologist Robert W Black 253-552-1687
Hydrologist Stephen Breen 253-552-1678
Hydrologist Reid Brown 253-552-1606
Biologist Grace Bucci
Hydrologic Technician Taylor D. Camper 253-552-1693
Hydrologic Technician Kimberly Cesal 509-353-2640
Management Analyst Stephanie D Cha 253-552-1695
IT Specialist Jared Ching 253-552-1656
Hydrologist and Water Quality Specialist Kathy Conn 253-552-1677
Ecologist Julia David 253-552-1622
Hydrologic Technician Emmanuel Davila-Santiago 253-552-1641
Hydrologic Technician John Davis 253-552-1689
Hydrologic Technician David Dullum
Public Affairs Specialist Sarah Dunn 253-552-1635
Hydrologic Technician William Elliott 509-353-2641
Hydrologic Technician Nathan Esh 509-353-2638
Hydrologic Technician Elisabeth (Lisl) Fasser 253-552-1642
Hydrologic Technician James Foreman 253-552-1669
Hydrologic Technician Lucy E. Franklin lfranklinw@usg.sgov 253-552-1671
Hydrologist Leland Fuhrig 253-552-1604
Budget Analyst Sharbra Gordon-Scott 253-552-1698
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician John Greene 360-312-8155
Ext: 2001
Hydrologist Adel E Haj, Jr. 253-552-1682
Geographer Alex Headman 253-552-1613
Hydrologic Technician Gary Heard 360-312-8155
Ext: 2004
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin Holman 360-312-8155
Ext: 2003
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Raegan L Huffman 253-552-1651
Research Hydrologist Kristin L Jaeger 253-552-1617
Hydrologic Technician Thomas Jetson 253-552-1610
Hydrologic Technician Caitlin Johnson 360-312-8155
Ext: 2002
Research Hydrologist Zachary C. Johnson 253-552-1681
IT Specialist Raymond Julich 253-552-1637
Research Hydrologist Christopher P Konrad 253-552-1634
Hydrologic Technician William Landrum 509-735-3739
Ext: 1004
Assistant Director for Hydrologic Data Chris Laveau 253-552-1608
Physical Scientist Anya Leach 253-552-1643
Hydrologist and Groundwater Specialist Andrew J Long 253-552-1660
Cartographer JoJo Mangano 253-552-1627
Hydrologist Cameron Marshall 253-552-1618
Physical Scientist Audrey M. Martinez 253-552-1620
Physical Scientist Katherine Marx 253-552-1685
Physical Scientist Jennifer E McLean 253-552-1625
IT Specialist Alan Meaker 253-552-1626
Hydrologic Technician Dale Melton 509-735-3739
Hydrologic Technician Joseph Miles 360-312-8155
Ext: 2005
Hydrologic Technician Patrick Miller 509-353-2633
Hydrologic Field Assistant MacKenzie Mills 253-552-1614
Hydrologic Technician Monica Milstead 509-353-2650
Administrative Operations Assistant Liane Minckler 253-552-1605
Hydrologist Jackson N Mitchell 253-552-1616
Biologist Patrick Moran 253-552-1646
Hydrologic Technician Joshua Morse 360-312-8155
Welder Travis Murat 253-588-3141
Hydrologic Technician Chad C. Opatz 253-552-1668
Hydrologic Technician Adam M Opryszek 253-552-1648
Hydrologic Technician Norm Peterson 253-552-1615
Hydrologist Curtis V Price 253-552-1690
Hydrologic Technician Robin Rader 253-552-1680
Hydrologic Technician Frederick Reed 253-552-1661
Hydrologic Technician Alyssa Reischauer 253-552-1645
Hydrologist Daniel E Restivo 253-552-1697
Research Hydrologist Rich Sheibley 253-552-1611
Hydrologic Technician Russell Sherman 253-552-1665
Hydrologic Technician Kari Shupe
Hydrologist Andrew Spanjer 253-307-9675
Hydrologist and Surface Water Specialist Nicholas A. Sutfin 253-552-1641
Hydrologic Technician Amber Thulean
Center Director Scott VanderKooi
Hydrologic Technician Ann Vanderpool-Kimura 253-552-1699
Supervisory Hydrologist Wendy Welch 253-552-1673
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Jeffery M Wiles 509-735-3739
Ext: 1001
Hydrologic Technician Samuel Wojcik
Hydrologic Technician William Wright 360-312-8155
Ext: 2006
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Kevin Wright 509-392-3238
Hydrologist Elise Wright 253-552-1672
IT Specialist Abel Yap 253-552-1636
Hydrologic Technician Eden F. Zickler 253-552-1649