Wyoming-Montana Stream Water-Quality Network - Water Year 2020

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The USGS monitors stream water quality in Wyoming and Montana in cooperation with State, County, local, and other Federal agencies. Water-quality data for these sites are available from the USGS National Water Information System Web Mapper application in the form of an interactive map that can be accessed from the Data and Tools tab.

The table below contains links to the USGS National Water Information System Web Interface (NWISWeb) for each water-quality sampling site in Wyoming and Montana. Click on a site number to link to general site information. Click on the buttons to the right of the site name to link to data for the current water year, data for the previous water year, or to generate a user-customized retrieval. 

**Please note that provisional data are included on NWISWeb that have not received Director's approval and as such are subject to revision. These data are released on the condition that neither the USGS nor the United States Government may be held liable for any damages resulting from their authorized or unauthorized use.**


Wyoming-Montana Stream Water-Quality Sites
Site Number Site Name  Data for water year 2020 Data for water year 2019 User-customized retrieval
Wind River Basin
06236100    Wind River above Boysen Reservoir, near Shoshoni, WY        
06253000  Fivemile Creek near Shoshoni, WY    
06258000  Muddy Creek near Shoshoni, WY    
06259000  Wind River below Boysen Reservoir, WY     
Bighorn River Basin
06268600  Bighorn River at Worland, WY     
06279500    Bighorn River at Kane, WY   
06279940  North Fork Shoshone River at Wapiti, WY   
06281000  South Fork Shoshone River above Buffalo Bill Reservoir, WY     
06281700  Shoshone River above DeMaris Springs, near Cody,WY    
06285100  Shoshone River near Lovell, WY     
Tongue River Basin
06299980  Tongue River at Monarch, WY   
06306020 Tongue River below Youngs Creek, near Acme, WY
06306300  Tongue River at State Line, near Decker, MT   
06307500  Tongue River at Tongue River Dam, near Decker, MT    
06307600  Hanging Woman Creek near Birney, MT   
Powder River Basin
06313400  Salt Creek near Sussex, WY     
06313500  Powder River at Sussex, WY     
06316400  Crazy Woman Creek at upper station, near Arvada, WY     
06317000  Powder River at Arvada, WY
06317020    Wild Horse Creek near Arvada, WY   
06324000 Clear Creek near Arvada, WY     
06324500  Powder River at Moorhead, MT     
06324902 Little Powder River above Cow Creek, near Gillette, WY 
06324970  Little Powder River above Dry Creek, near Weston, WY     
Lower Yellowstone River Basin
06329500    Yellowstone River near Sidney, MT 
Cheyenne River Basin
06364705 Antelope Creek below Beckwith Creek, near Teckla, WY
06375600 Little Thunder Creek near Hampshire, WY
06425900 Caballo Creek at mouth, near Piney, WY
06426500  Belle Fourche River below Moorcroft, WY     
Platte River Basin
06630000  North Platte River above Seminoe Reservoir, near Sinclair, WY   
06635000  Medicine Bow River above Seminoe Reservoir, near Hanna, WY   
06636000  North Platte River above Pathfinder Reservoir WY     
06639000  Sweetwater River near Alcova, WY   
06641000  North Platte River below Pathfinder Reservoir, WY   
06642000  North Platte River at Alcova, WY
06645000    North Platte River below Casper, WY 
09196500  Pine Creek above Fremont Lake, WY
09211200  Green River below Fontenelle Reservoir, WY     
09216560 Bitter Creek near Point of Rocks, WY  
09217010  Green River below Green River, WY  
12323230  Blacktail Creek at Harrison Avenue, at Butte, MT     
12323250  Silver Bow Creek below Blacktail Creek, at Butte, MT    
12323600    Silver Bow Creek at Opportunity, MT    
12323670 Mill Creek near Anaconda, MT 
12323700 Mill Creek at Opportunity, MT     
12323710  Willow Creek near Anaconda, MT    
12323720  Willow Creek at Opportunity, MT       
12323750  Silver Bow Creek at Warm Springs, MT       
12323760    Warm Springs Creek near Anaconda, MT    
12323770  Warm Springs Creek at Warm Springs, MT   
12323800  Clark Fork near Galen, MT  
12323840    Lost Creek near Anaconda, MT  
12323850  Lost Creek near Galen, MT  
12324200 Clark Fork at Deer Lodge, MT  
12324400  Clark Fork above Little Blackfoot River, near Garrison, MT
12324680 Clark Fork at Goldcreek, MT
12331800  Clark Fork near Drummond, MT  
12334550 Clark Fork at Turah Bridge, near Bonner, MT  
12340000  Blackfoot River near Bonner, MT
12340500 Clark Fork above Missoula, MT  
13025500 Crow Creek near Fairview, WY