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Leadership and general contacts for the Office of Communications.

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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Public Affairs Specialist Gina Anderson 405-509-3524
Public Affairs Specialist Joe M. Battle, Sr. (443) 447-0106
Video Producer Don Becker 303-202-4770
Public Affairs Specialist Jason Burton 678-209-5500
External Affairs Specialist John (JD) Carlton (703) 935-7766
Public Affairs Specialist Michelle Collier 912-227-8270
Western Communications Chief Miel Corbett 503-320-3411
Public Affairs Specialist Mikaela Craig 210-383-3588
Congressional Liaison Thomas Elms 703-648-4482
Deputy Associate Director Christine Eustis 571-539-7546
Technical Information Specialist Lance Everette
Public Affairs Specialist Jessica Fitzpatrick 571-230-6681
Administrative Specialist Alica Garrison 703-648-4582
Technical Writer Editor Anna Glover 603-226-7827
Public Affairs Specialist Alexandra Hays
Public Affairs Vic Hines 813-855-3125
Public Affairs Specialist Heidi Koehler 720-320-1246
Communications Specialist / Speech Writer Drew La Pointe 703-648-4180
Public Affairs - Western States Paul Laustsen 650-847-8522
Congressional Liaison Sofya Leonova 703-648-4453
Public Affairs Specialist (Detail) Kathryn Nuessly 970-267-2114
Congressional Liaison Officer Jeffrey Onizuk 703-648-4242
Public Affairs Officer Rachel Pawlitz 571-455-6586
Clarice Nassif Ransom
Public Affairs Specialist Lauren Russell
Associate Director Gavin Shire 703-346-9123
Media Lead - Natural Hazards Steven Sobieszćzyk 503-853-3425
Office Manager Kathryn (Katy) Stephenson 303-202-4740
Congressional Liaison Chris Trent 703-648-4451
Public Affairs Specialist Weston Weber (571) 471-0959
Public Affairs Specialist Alexandra (Allie) Weill 916-296-2305
Chief, Web and Social Media Tim Woods