Drought Monitoring Datasets Available as OGC Web Map Services (WMS)

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Web Services

The Drought Monitoring datasets are available as OGC Web Map Services (WMS). You can access the services using the below links.

Drought Indices

  • 7-Day eMODIS VegDRI **      WMS
  • 7-Day eMODIS QuickDRI **     WMS

Precipitation Derivatives

  • 30 Day Total Precipitation     WMS
  • 7 Day Total Precipitation     WMS
  • Maximum Consecutive Dry Days (Past 30 days)     WMS
  • Maximum Consecutive Dry Days (Past 7 days)     WMS
  • Days With Precipitation (Past 30 days)     WMS
  • Days With Precipitation (Past 7 days)     WMS
  • Days Since Precipitation     WMS

Reference Data

  • Water Watch - 7 Day     WMS

** Note for 7-Day eMODIS VegDRI & 7-Day eMODIS QuickDRI Services

This example shows a single WMS service for a single date in time. A time series of WMS services are available for this data. A new service is available every 7 days. 

Example WMS Layer Name: qdvdemodis:qdvdemodis_qdhydrounits_1-sevenday-46-2015_mm_data 
This service is for the 46th 7-day product in the year of 2015.

Data/Application Services

See below sections for additional information for programmers and data application users.

Programmers' Info

Application Data Users Info

VegDRI's WMS services can be consumed in ESRI's ArcMap software or in an open source software like QGIS or GAIA.

To open VegDRI WMS services in ArcMap, Open ArcMap application -> Click on Add Data -> GIS Servers -> Add WMS Server -> URL: 'Add a URL' -> OK