NGGDPP 2015 State Geological Survey Grants


State Institution Title  Funding Amount
AK State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological &Geophysical Surveys Alaska Inventory and Digital Infrastructure for Energy- Related Field Notes and Maps $30,293.00
AL Geological Survey of Alabama Continuation of Metadata Development for Geological Collections at the Geological Survey of Alabama $17,711.00
AR Arkansas Geological Survey Arkansas Geological Survey FY2016 Historic Rare Books Library Project $14,315.94
AZ Arizona Geological Survey Arizona Mining Digitization $22,953.00
FL Florida Geological Survey NGGDPP - Florida Lithologic Description Preservation $40,253.00
ID Idaho Geological Survey USGS Data Preservation 8 $22,025.00
IA Iowa Geological Survey Digital Infrastructure, Rescure Data, and Metadata for Geologic Collections 2015 $32,720.00
IN Indiana Geological Survey Indiana Data Preservation Program 2015 $28,684.00
KS Kansas Geological Survey Kansas Oil, Gas, and Water Well Geologic Data, Records, and Samples Preservation, FY2015 $50,474.00
KY Kentucky Geological Survey Kentucky Geological Survey FY2015 Geologic Data Preservation Project $55,526.00
MA Massachusetts Geological Survey MA Data Preservation Program FY15: Inventory Collections and Conversion of Maps to Digital Format $7,103.00
MD Maryland Geological Survey Creating/Updating Digital Infrastructure and Rescuing Data for the Maryland Geological Survey's Collection of Aerial Photographs $48,068.71
MI Michigan Geological Survey Michigan Geological Survey 2015 Data Preservation Program: Rescuing At-Risk Unique Cores, Converting Paper Mudlog Records to Digital Format, and Inventorying Both Collections $32,857.00
MN Minnesota Geological Survey Preservation and Digital Conversion of Minnesota Geological Survey Geophysical Logs $22,675.92
MO Missouri Department of Natural Resources Missouri Geological Survey Subject Inventory, Metadata Generation and Digital Scanning of 270 Original Field Notebooks in Collection $25,000.00
MT Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology MBMG FY16 Geologic and Geophysical Data Preservation Project $24,286.00
NJ New Jersey Geological and Water Survey 2015 NJGWS Geoscientific Data Preservation Project $28,600.00
NM New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Cataloging, Scanning, and Preserving Select Petroleum Collections at NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources $12,723.00
NV Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Nevada Collection Inventory and Metadata for the National Catalog 2015 $8,470.06
NY New York State Geological Survey Transferring Maps in the NYSGS Open File Collection to an Archive Quality Storage $32,400.00
OH Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey Ohio Photographic Slide and Historic Photo Archiving and Digitization $18,267.16
OK Oklahoma Geological Survey Creation of Metadata for Historical Oklahoma Aerial Photographs at the Oklahoma Geological Survey - Phase III $10,426.00
TN Tennessee Geological Survey Rescuing and Photographing Core in the Rock Core Collection and Digitizing Documents and Creating Metadata for the Coal Mine Maps Collection $3,132.24
UT Utah Geological Survey UGS FY2015 Geologic Data Preservation Project $32,552.53
VA Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy –Division of Geology and Mineral Resources Virginia Geologic Information Catalog $23,344.45
WA Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Earth Resources Paper-to-Digital Conversion, Metadata, and Database Development for Subsurface Data in Washington State and Image Database Pilot Program $26,906.81
WI Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey University of Wisconsin-Extension Wisconsin Data Preservation 2015 - Lake Superior Legacy Collection and Rescuing Core with Pyrite Disease $27,472.00
WV West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey Implementation of Barcode Recognition Technology for Enhanced Inventory and Curation of WVGES Rock Core and Well Cutting Collections $22,115.00
  Total $721,354.82

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