Core Research Center

Database Progress, Advisors, Collaborators

Fossil Collection Database Progress

  • Mesozoic mollusks Western Interior, Cobban collection: 14,000 localities done
  • Mesozoic mollusks International, Sohl collection: 32,000 localities done
  • Mesozoic ammonites Gulfian Series, Conlin collection: 4,000 localities done
  • Cenozoic mollusks Waller, Stephenson, White collections: 15,000 localities done
  • Mesozoic/Cenozoic western US vertebrates, Lewis collection: 2200 localities done
  • Cenozoic western US vertebrates, Repenning collection: 1000 localities done
  • Paleozoic trilobites, Ross, Palmer, Taylor collections:, 13,000 localities done
  • Paleozoic forams, Meyers collections, 400 records done
  • Paleocene non-marine mollusks, Hanley collection:, 400 records done
  • Cretaceous-Pleistocene pollen, Tschudy, Nichols, Leopold collections: 10,000 localities done
  • 50,000 fossil localities georeferenced


  • Farley Fleming, advisor
  • Steve Hook, advisor
  • Bob Hunt, Nebraska University Museum; paleontologist, advisor and current researcher
  • James Kennedy, Oxford University Museum Director and paleontologist; advisor and current researcher
  • Jann Thompson, USNM Department of Paleobiology Collections Manager; advisor
  • Ireneusz Walaszczyk, Institute of Geology, University of Warsaw; geologist and paleontologist, advisor and current researcher
  • Scott Wing, USNM paleontologist, Department of Paleobiology Chairman; advisor

 Key Collaborators

  • US National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian)
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • USGS Field Records