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Policies and Forms

The Core Research Center allows customers to sample rock material from the collection provided certain requirements are met. Before requesting to sample please review our policies.  Click the policy name from the list at the left side of page.

USGS is authorized to perform technical assistance with other Federal agencies, units of State or local government, industrial organizations, private corporations, public and private foundations, and nonprofit organizations (including universities) under the Stevenson-Wydler Act (15 U.S.C. §3710a, as amended).

Any sample provided to the Recipient is understood to be for research purposes and may have hazardous properties. USGS makes no representations and extends no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. There are no express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or that the use of the sample will not infringe on any patent, copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights. Unless prohibited by law, the Recipient assumes all liability for claims for damages against it by third parties which may arise from the use, storage, or disposal of the sample except that, to the extent permitted by law.

Policy Updates and Reminders

Off-Site Use of CRC Core

In order to preserve the integrity of USGS Core Research Center cores, we do not allow shipping cores off-site for workshops or displays. Local (Denver metro area) shipping for non-destructive analysis and core slabbing will require Director approval. We offer free workshop space and associated support services, and we encourage our stakeholders to take advantage of this by hosting workshops at the CRC. This policy is intended to allow us to continue to provide you with the highest quality research and educational materials.

Privately-Owned Cores Brought to the CRC for Core Workshops

Workshops held at the CRC should primarily feature core from the CRC collection.  Non-USGS core may be brought in for comparison, but it must be less than 25% of the total amount of core used for the workshop.  The workshop sponsor assumes all responsibility for the privately-owned cores while at the CRC and in transit.

Amount of Material Allowed for Each Day of a CRC Appointment

The list of requested cores or cuttings must be submitted by noon on the business day prior to the appointment.  The list should be in priority order.  Before opening time on the scheduled day, the CRC staff will bring out as many of the requested wells as will fit in the allotted space.  No additional core or cuttings will be gotten out during the rest of that day.  If a visit is scheduled on consecutive days, the CRC staff will bring out a different set of wells for each day.  Please plan for the appropriate number of days.