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Alidade Alliance

1,000 - 1,999 points

Now that you have collected 1,000 points we welcome you to the Alidade Alliance. You no longer have to hold the stadia board while someone else looks through the instrument and makes the big decisions. Now, that person is you - thanks & congratulations! 

TNMCorps Recognition Badge 1000-1999 Alidade Alliance
An alidade is an instrument that when used with a plane table can be used to create maps in the field. The alidade is used for sighting a point and determining the direction and distance to the point. The map created is on a sheet of paper attached to the plane table.

Current Members

Note: Only volunteers who have given permission to display their username are shown. Did you receive this badge but don't see your username listed? Check your profile dashboard to make sure you've given consent for us to list your username.

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