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DevOpp's Geography Quiz July 2022

Awhile back, TNMCorps volunteer DevOpp reached out to pitch the idea of a geography quiz for our newsletter. While not specifically structures-related, we agreed that it would be a fun way for the TNMCorps community to test their general knowledge of US geography! We hope you enjoy this slight diversion from our usual content!

1. Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in which state? 

A: Idaho

B: Washington

C: Montana

D: Oregon

2. Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion are located in which Southern State? 

A: South Carolina

B: Mississippi

C: Tennessee

D: Alabama

3. The mouth of the Mississippi River is located in which state?

A: Louisiana

B: Mississippi

C: Texas 

D: Alabama

4. The Connecticut River forms the boundary between Vermont and which state? 

A: Connecticut

B: New York

C: New Hampshire

D: Massachusetts

5. Hawaii’s State Capitol Building is located in Honolulu on which island?

A: Lanai

B: Oahu

C: Kauai

D: Maui 

6. Duluth, Minnesota, is located on which Great Lake?

A: Lake Erie

B: Lake Michigan

C: Lake Superior 

D: Lake Huron

7. Lake Mead, created by the Hoover Dam and located along the border between Nevada and Arizona, was formed from which river?

A: Mississippi River

B: Sacramento River

C: Colorado River

D: The Rio Grande

8. Newport, Rhode Island, is located on which island? 

A: Rose Island 

B: Aquidneck Island

C: Prudence Island

D: Dyer Island

9. The Port of Seward is located on the Kenai Peninsula in which state? 

A: California

B: Oregon

C: Washington 

D: Alaska

10. The Ohio River splits into two smaller rivers in which Pennsylvania city? 

A: Philadelphia

B: Pittsburgh

C: Erie

D: Harrisburg