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Existing Structures that DO NOT Need to be Updated

What if you click on a point to edit and notice that nothing about the point needs to be changed?

You conducted thorough research to determine that the name, address, and location are correct, and examined the attributes to ensure that they are all properly formatted. So now what? You put in time and effort to research this point; can you still get credit for that work and have the point added to your edit history? Yes!  


The Mark Reviewed tab in a point’s editing window allows you to mark a point that does not require any changes as Reviewed. This tells other volunteers and USGS staff that the point had been researched and checked for quality, but that no changes were required or made.  


View of the editing window with a yellow box around the Mark Reviewed tab in the toolbar.
To mark a point that does not require changes as having been reviewed, click on the checkmark tab in the toolbar. This will save the point to your edit history even though no changes were required. 
View of the edit history window with a note stating that the feature has been marked as reviewed.
After marking a point as reviewed (without making any changes), you will be shown the point’s edit history window. The edit history list now includes a note stating that the structure has been marked as reviewed, indicating that the point was saved without making any changes. 

If you do make a change to a point (for example, you change the symbol from a High School to an Elementary School), then the checkmark tab will be grayed out. If you intended to make this change, then click save. If you did not intend to make the change, you can re-enable the Mark Reviewed tab by clicking the Undo Changes tab to the left of the Mark Reviewed tab.

editing window with a yellow box around the Undo Changes tab in the toolbar, and a yellow arrow pointing to mark reviewed