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Volunteer Bio: CarolinaBunting

Congratulations to TNMCorps volunteer CarolinaBunting, who recently became one of the newest members of the Theodolite Assemblage with over 2000 points submitted!    

When TNMCorps volunteers earn the Theodolite Assemblage badge, we reach out asking if they’d like to be featured in the upcoming newsletter, and fortunately volunteer CarolinaBunting was willing to share a bit about himself and why he enjoys volunteering with The National Map Corps. We love getting to know more about our volunteers and hope you do too!  


“Young Bunting discovered maps early. My grandfather had a world atlas from 1936, and I enjoyed comparing the old and new versions. While in college I planned road trips with a trusty road map. There weren't any GPS or internet connections to help. After university, I worked in medical physics then changed gears and took a job in a university library. Fortunately, I was able to combine IT with government documents. The collection of USGS topo maps was dear to me, but they were rarely used. Volunteering with The National Map Corps was a natural fit after my retirement. My other interests include geocaching (of course), trivia, nature, languages, and British mystery shows.” 

Image of TNMCorps volunteer CarolinaBunting in the woods leaning against a fallen log.
Image of The National Map Corps volunteer CarolinaBunting wearing a blue shirt and backpack in the woods leaning against a fallen log.