NGP User Engagement Office

NGP Emergency Response

The NGP Emergency Response Coordinator oversees the Programs emergency response activities. 

Lance Clampitt - NGP Emergency Response Coordinator

Chris Cretini - NGP Emergency Response Deputy Coordinator

NGP Emergency Response Event Support Map

NGP Emergency Response Event Support Map

The Event Support Map provides links to mapping tools that support Emergency Response efforts.

Event Support Map

Geospatial Information Response Team (GIRT)

Geospatial Information Response Team (GIRT)

The USGS established the Geospatial Information Response Team (GIRT) to facilitate the effective coordination, communication, dissemination and archive of geospatial data and information during a disaster event.


These include providing direction, oversight, and support to the Program and its managers in responding to major hazard events and ensuring that the Program is able to fulfill our mission under all circumstances. NGP also provides geospatial support to the Bureau and the Department for natural disaster events. The NGP Emergency Response Coordinator works with the Bureau Emergency Management Coordinator  to assure a consolidated communication and response strategy for the Program. 


Lance Clampitt

Geologic Mapping and Hazards Coordinator
National Geospatial Program
Phone: 406-994-6919

Chris Cretini

National Map Liaison LA, AR, FL, PR, USVI
National Geospatial Program
Phone: 337-266-8621