Gap Analysis Project


How well are we protecting common plants and animals?

Gap Analysis is the science of answering this question.

Developing the data and tools to support that science is the mission of the USGS Gap Analysis Project (GAP).

GAP works to ensure that common species – those that are not officially endangered – remain common by identifying those species and plant communities that are not adequately represented in existing conservation lands.

We work with a wide range of government, academic, non-profit and private partners, providing them with essential data and analyses that they can use to protect the habitats on which the survival of common species depends.

Photo of trees in autumn

The Gap Analysis Project (GAP) is an element of the U.S. Geological Survey. We help implement the Department of the Interior’s goals of inventory, monitoring, research, and information transfer.


    The USGS Gap Analysis Project (GAP) grew out of biologists’ response to the need to complement species-by-species management in dealing with widespread habitat loss.