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1995 - 2007 Ecosystem History of South Florida's Estuaries Database Version 9

October 5, 2020

The 1995 - 2007 Ecosystem History of South Florida's Estuaries Database contains listings of all sites (modern and core), modern monitoring site survey information (water chemistry, floral and faunal data, etc.), and published core data.

Two general types of data are contained within this database: 1) Modern Field Data and 2) Core data - primarily faunal assemblages.

Data are available for modern sites and cores in the general areas of Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay, and the southwest (Florida) coastal mangrove estuaries. Specific sites in the Florida Bay area include Taylor Creek, Bob Allen Key, Russell Bank, Pass Key, Whipray Basin, Rankin Bight, park Key, and Mud Creek core). Specific Biscayne Bay sites include Manatee Bay, Featherbed Bank, Card bank, No Name Bank, Middle Key, Black Point North, and Chicken Key. Sites on the southwest coast include Alligator Bay, Big Lostmans Bay, Broad River Bay, Roberts River mouth, Tarpon Bay, Lostmans River First and Second Bays, Harney River, Shark River near entrance to Ponce de Leon Bay, and Shark River channels.

Modern field data contains (1) general information about the site, description, latitude and longitude, date of data collection, (2) water chemistry information, and (3) descriptive text of fauna and flora observed at the site.

Core data contain either percent abundance data or actual counts of the distribution of mollusks, ostracodes, forams, and pollen within the cores collected in the estuaries. For some cores dinocyst or diatom data may be available.