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2018 lidar-derived imagery of karst areas in Puerto Rico at 1-meter resolution

December 22, 2021

This raster dataset contains 1-meter lidar-derived imagery of 7.5 minute quadrangles in karst areas of Puerto Rico and was created using geographic information systems (GIS) software. Lidar-derived elevation data, acquired in 2018, were used to create a 1-meter resolution working digital elevation model (DEM). To create this imagery, a hillshade was applied and a topographic position index (TPI) raster was calculated. These two rasters were uploaded into GlobalMapper, where the TPI raster was made partially transparent and overlaid the hillshade DEM. The resulting image was exported to create these 1-meter resolution lidar-derived images. The data is projected in North America Datum (NAD) 1983 (2011) UTM Zone 19N.