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Acute sensitivity of the vernal pool fairy shrimp, Branchinecta lynchi (Anostraca; Branchinectidae), and surrogate species to ten chemicals-Data

April 10, 2017

The vernal pool fairy shrimp, Branchinecta lynchi, (Branchiopoda; Anostraca) and other fairy shrimp species have been listed as threatened or endangered under the United States Endangered Species Act (ESA). There is little information about the sensitivity of Branchinecta spp. to toxic effects of contaminants, making it difficult to determine whether they are adequately protected by water quality criteria. A series of acute (24 hr) lethality/immobilization tests were conducted with three species of fairy shrimp (Branchinecta lynchi, Branchinecta lindahli, and Thamnocephalus platyurus) and 10 chemicals with varying modes of toxic action: ammonia, potassium, chloride, sulfate, chromium(VI), copper, nickel, zinc, alachlor, and metolachlor. Fairy shrimp tests were conducted concurrently with 48-h tests with other branchiopods (the cladocerans, Daphnia magna and Ceriodaphnia dubia) and an amphipod (Hyalella azteca), and 96-h tests with snails (Physa gyrina and Lymnaea stagnalis).