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Ning Wang, PhD

Dr. Ning Wang is a Research Fish Biologist with the Columbia Environmental Research Center.

He obtained his bachelor degree in Fisheries from Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, China, and obtained his doctorate degree in Natural Sciences from University of Konstanz in Konstanz, Germany. He conducted his post-doctoral research on fish feeding and bioenergetics at University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. Since 1998, he has led and conducted many research projects at the CERC, including development of standard methods for conducting early life-stage toxicity tests with freshwater mussels, assessment of the sensitivity of threatened and endangered fish and aquatic invertebrates to contaminants, evaluation of toxicity of surface waters and sediments contaminated by coal mining and natural oil and gas extraction to aquatic organisms, and evaluation of the toxicity of major ion salts and metals to fish and aquatic invertebrates in water exposures.