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CERC’s priority is to continue the important work of the Department of the Interior and the USGS, while also maintaining the health and safety of our employees and community.  Based on guidance from the White House, the CDC, and state and local authorities, we are shifting our operations to a virtual mode and have minimal staffing within our offices.

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Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) Blog

Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) Blog

Learn how CERC research is contributing to the recovery of the endangered pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River

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Passive Sampling Using SPMDs and POCIS - Resources and Tools

Passive Sampling Using SPMDs and POCIS - Resources and Tools

CERC scientists are pioneers in the development of passive sampling techniques.

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Date published: June 21, 2017

Red Dye Study Will Examine Water Flow in Yellowstone River near Glendive, Montana

Reporters: If interested in being notified when the study date is chosen, please contact Jennifer or Susannah.

Date published: April 26, 2017

Asian Carp Would Have Adequate Food to Survive in Lake Michigan

If invasive bighead carp and silver carp spread into Lake Michigan, there would be enough food available for these particular species of Asian carp to survive, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey.


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Year Published: 2020

Factors affecting sampling strategies for design of an effects‐directed analysis for endocrine‐active chemicals

Effects‐directed analysis (EDA) is an important tool for identifying unknown bioactive components in a complex mixture. Such an analysis of endocrine‐active chemicals (EACs) from water sources has promising regulatory implications but also unique logistical challenges. We propose a conceptual EDA (framework) based on a critical review of EDA...

Brennan, Jennifer; Gale, Robert W.; Alvarez, David; Berninger, Jason P.; Leet, Jessica Kristin; Li, Yan; Wagner, Tyler; Tillitt, Donald E.

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Year Published: 2020

Contaminant subsidies to riparian food webs in Appalachian streams impacted by mountaintop removal coal mining

Selenium is highly elevated in Appalachian streams and stream organisms that receive alkaline mine drainage from mountaintop removal coal mining compared to unimpacted streams in the region. Adult aquatic insects can be important vectors of waterborne contaminants to riparian food webs, yet pathways of Se transport and exposure of riparian...

Naslund, Laura C.; Gerson, Jacqueline R.; Brooks, Alexander C.; Walters, David; Bernhardt, Emily S.

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Year Published: 2020

Physical characteristics and simulated transport of pallid sturgeon and shovelnose sturgeon eggs

The imperiled pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus) and closely related, but more common, shovelnose sturgeon (S. platorynchus) are believed to broadcast adhesive, demersal eggs in the current and over coarse substrate in turbid rivers of the North American midcontinent. It has been hypothesized that eggs settle immediately following...

Chojnacki, Kimberly; Erwin, Susannah O.; George, Amy E.; Candrl, James; Jacobson, Robert B.; Delonay, Aaron J.