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Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) Blog

Learn how CERC research is contributing to the recovery of the endangered pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River

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Passive Sampling Using SPMDs and POCIS - Resources and Tools

Passive Sampling Using SPMDs and POCIS - Resources and Tools

CERC scientists are pioneers in the development of passive sampling techniques.

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Date published: June 21, 2017

Red Dye Study Will Examine Water Flow in Yellowstone River near Glendive, Montana

Reporters: If interested in being notified when the study date is chosen, please contact Jennifer or Susannah.

Date published: April 26, 2017

Asian Carp Would Have Adequate Food to Survive in Lake Michigan

If invasive bighead carp and silver carp spread into Lake Michigan, there would be enough food available for these particular species of Asian carp to survive, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey.


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Year Published: 2019

Biota dose assessment of small rodents sampled near breccia pipe uranium mines in the Grand Canyon watershed

The biotic exposure and uptake of radionuclides and potential health effects due to breccia pipe uranium mining in the Grand Canyon watershed are largely unknown. This paper describes the use of the RESRAD-BIOTA dose model to assess exposure of small rodents (n = 11) sampled at three uranium mine sites in different stages of ore production (active...

Minter, Kelsey M.; Jannik, Timothy; Hinck, Jo Ellen; Cleveland, Danielle; Kubilius, Walter P.; Kuhne, Wendy W.

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Year Published: 2019

Atrazine induced transgenerational reproductive effects in medaka (Oryzias latipes)

Atrazine is presently one of the most abundantly used herbicides in the United States, and a common contaminant of natural water bodies and drinking waters in high-use areas. Dysregulation of reproductive processes has been demonstrated in atrazine exposed fish, including alteration of key endocrine pathways on hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG...

Cleary, Jacob A.; Tillitt, Donald E.; vom Saal, Fredrick S.; Nicks, Diane; Claunch, Rachel; Bhandari, Ramji K.

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Year Published: 2019

In ovo exposure to brominated flame retardants Part II: Assessment of effects of TBBPA-BDBPE and BTBPE on hatching success, morphometric and physiological endpoints in American kestrels

Tetrabromobisphenol A bis(2,3-dibromopropyl ether) (TBBPA-BDBPE) and 1,2-bis(2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)ethane (BTPBE) are both brominated flame retardants (BFRs) that have been detected in birds; however, their potential biological effects are largely unknown. We assessed the effects of embryonic exposure to TBBPA-BDBPE and BTBPE in a model avian...

Eng, Margaret; Karouna-Renier, Natalie K.; Henry, Paula F. P.; Letcher, Robert J.; Schultz, Sandra L.; Bean, Thomas G.; Peters, Lisa E.; Palace, Vince P.; Williams, Tony D.; Elliott, John E.; Fernie, Kim J.