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Blood Parasite Infection Data from Northwestern Crows (Corvus caurinus), Alaska, 2007-2008

September 23, 2019

This data set consists of two tables associated with a study of Haemosporidian parasite infection in Northwestern Crows (Corvus caurinus) sampled at six locations throughout southcentral and southeast Alaska in 2007-2008. The first table contains species, location, banding, and morphometric data for all samples. The second table contains results from heamosporidian parasite screening of crow blood samples using molecular techniques. Genomic DNA was extracted from blood samples and screened for the presence of Haemoproteus, Plasmodium, and Leucocytozoon blood parasites using a nested-PCR method. Parasite genetic data is provided as GenBank accession numbers for any samples that tested positive for haemosporidian infection.