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Data for cheatgrass mapping in Squirrel Creek Wildfire and Arapaho Wildfire, WY in 2014

October 11, 2019

This data bundle contains some of the inputs, all of the processing instructions and all outputs from a single VisTrails/SAHM workflow. This model specifically includes field data of locations with >40% cover of cheatgrass (presence) and <40% cover of cheatgrass (absence) from two wildfire locations in Wyoming. Predictors included rasters derived from Landsat 8 imagery and from a digital elevation model. Details about both inputs are included in the associated manuscript described in the larger work citation of the '_archive_bundle_metadata.xml' metadata record. We developed models for each location and tested the transferability of the models to the other location. We built on previous work developing models for the Squirrel Creek wildfire area only, but reran these models for consistency of predictors with those of Arapaho wildfire area. The contents of this data bundle include the following, each of which is documented in an individual metadata record. 1) '_archive_bundle_metadata.xml' which contains FGDC metadata describing the archive bundle. 2) 'arapaho_2014_with40_as_pres_for_sahm.csv' containing cheatgrass location data for Arapaho wildfire area. 3) 'squirrel_all_with40_as_presence_for_sahm.csv' containing cheatgrass location data for Squirrel Creek wildfire area. 4) 'predictorlist.csv' includes the list of rasters for Squirrel Creek wildfire area used to create the models. 5) 'predictorlistarapaho.csv' includes the list of rasters for Arapaho wildfire area used to create the models. 6)The remaining subfolders are individual model runs containing 2 or 3 subfolders, one of the fitted random forest model output and one apply model random forest of that model applied to the other area. The name of the folder specifies which (e.g., either Squirrel_34_31_and_topo (Squirrel creek RF model fit with Landsat Path 34, row 31 and topo data) or Squirrel_34_31_and_topo_to_Arapaho_34_31_and_topo (the former applied to Arapaho Landsat path 34 row 31).