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Detection histories of grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park, 2014-2015

January 2, 2020

This dataset contains detection histories of grizzly bears in areas of Grand Teton National Park that are open for elk harvest as part of the Elk Reduction Program. Sampling followed a robust design analysis with 6 primary sampling periods of 4 weekly secondary sampling periods each during 2014-2015. In both years, primary sampling periods were in July-August (no elk hunt), September-October (no elk hunt), and November-December (elk hunt). Detections were based on genetic sampling (hair samples from barbed-wire hair corrals, tree rubs or other structures, and elk carcasses). Detection histories were derived from a total of 274 grizzly bear hair samples of 31 individuals. Twenty-six unique individuals (4 F, 22 M) were retained for analysis.