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EverSparrow model scripts and outputs

April 6, 2022

EverSparrow is a spatially explicit Bayesian model of Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow (Ammospiza maritima mirabilis; CSSS) presence that quantifies the interdependent relationships between a range of environmental factors and CSSS presence. Using hydrologic conditions such as mean 4-year hydroperiod and maximum depth, fire occurrence history, and vegetation structure throughout the range of CSSS, EverSparrow provides weekly probabilities of CSSS presence on a 400 x 400 m grid. Here we provide the modeling scripts used to develop EverSparrow (including the frequentist model developed and included in the ensemble model), the validation scripts, a script to run the EverSparrow model and create predicted surfaces of CSSS probability of presence, and a netcdf showing predicted probability of presence from 1995 through 2020. For full details of the model development process, see Larger Work citation.