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FLOwPER Database: StreamFLOw PERmanence field observations, August 2019 - October 2019

July 7, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE: More recent versions of these data release are available at this link. This dataset includes spatial locations where streamflow permanence observations (continuous flow, discontinuous flow, and dry) were recorded using the FLOwPER (FLOw PERmanence) field survey available in the Survey 123 and S1 mobile application. Additional information to describe the field conditions are included as part of the survey. Field observations in the FLOwPER Database have not been processed for quality control including spatial data accuracy or association with a stream network such as the National Hydrography Dataset. Streamflow permanence observations are collected from several governmental and non-governmental organizations on a continuing basis. This data release is formatted as a shapefile that includes streamflow permanence observations with associated information. Photographs associated with FLOwPER data points are included.