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Geochemical and Geochronological Data for Hydrothermal Systems on Brokeoff Volcano and in the Maidu Volcanic Center, Lassen Peak area, northeastern California

March 20, 2019

This dataset contains 8 data tables provided in csv format that contain sample location data, whole-rock geochemical data, argon-argon geochronologic data, sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen isotope data, and mineralogical data from shortwave infrared spectrography (SWIR) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses collected from igneous rocks on Brokeoff and Maidu volcanoes, northeastern California, USA. The data table files are Sample_Location_Data.csv, Argon_Data.csv, Geochemistry_Data.csv, SWIR_Data.csv, Whole_Rock_XRD.csv, Clay_XRD.csv, Sulfur_Isotope.csv, and Oxygen_Hydrogen_Data.csv. Fields in the data tables are defined in 8 corresponding data dictionaries, Sample_Location_Data_Dictionary.csv, Argon_Data_Dictionary.csv, Geochemistry_Data_Dictionary.csv, Whole_Rock_XRD_Dictionary.csv, Clay_XRD_Data_Dicitonary.csv, Sulfur_Isotope_Data_Dictionary.csv, Oxygen_Hydrogen_Isotope_Data_Dictionary.csv, and SWIR_Data Dictionary.csv. Analytical techniques are described in AnalyticalTechniques.txt.

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