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Geochemical data including mercury for subsamples of deep cores from the Cache Creek Settling Basin, Yolo County, California

September 22, 2021

Sediment cores were collected in the Cache Creek Settling Basin (CCSB), Yolo County, California, during October 2011 at 10 locations (borehole sites) and during August 2012 at 5 other locations. Total core depths ranged from approximately 4.6 to 13.7 meters (15 to 45 feet), with penetration to about 9.1 meters (30 feet) at most locations. Detailed subsampling (3-centimeter intervals) was done at total of seven locations: six along an east-west transect in the southern part of the Cache Creek Settling Basin and at one in the northern part of the basin for analyses of total mercury; organic content; and cesium-137, which was used for dating. This data release reports results of the analyses of each subsample of these sediment cores, including associated quality-assurance and quality-control data.