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Great Dismal Swamp field measurements for aboveground and belowground biomass

July 15, 2019

Plot-level field data were collected in the summer of 2014 to estimate aboveground and belowground biomass in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and Dismal Swamp State Park in North Carolina and Virginia. Data were collected at 85 plots. The location of the center of each plot was recorded with a Trimble ProXH global positioning system (GPS) and differentially corrected. Data files included 1: GDS_plots.csv, 2. GDS_FWD.csv, 3. GDS_LWD.csv, 4. GDS_Shrubs.csv, 5. GDS_Trees.csv, and 6. GDS_plot_summaries.csv. The data contained in GDS_plot_summaries.csv were calculated from the GDS_plots.csv, GDS_FWD.csv, GDS_LWD.csv, GDS_Shrubs.csv, GDS_Trees.csv files using the R statistical software environment (R Core Team, 2019) and code in GDS_AGB_Summaries.R.

R Core Team, 2019, R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing, R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria,