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High-resolution geophysical and sampling data collected at the mouth of Connecticut River, Old Saybrook to Essex, 2012, USGS Field Activity 2012-024-FA

January 2, 2018

A geophysical and geological survey was conducted at the mouth of Connecticut River from Old Saybrook to Essex, CT in September 2012. Approximately 227 linear-km of digital Chirp sub bottom (seismic-reflection) and 234-kHz interferometric sonar (bathymetric and backscatter) data were collected along with sediment samples, river-bed photographs and/or video at eighty-seven sites within the geophysical survey area. At the 87 sampling sites, 73 sediment grab samples were collected; video was acquired at 66 sites and 38 sites include photographs of the river bottom. These survey data are used to characterize the river-bed, identify sediment-texture and river-bed morphology