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Historical simulated snowpack for the Lake Sherburne, MT watershed and vicinity, water years 1980-2019

April 13, 2022

Abstract This data release contains historical SnowModel (Liston and Elder, 2006) output for the Lake Sherburne, MT watershed and surrounding area. The two quantities simulated for this release were snow water equivalent depth (swed), the liquid water equivalent depth stored as snow in the simulation domain, and runoff (roff), which includes snowmelt at the snow-soil interface and rainfall on pixels without snow cover. The simulation used to produce these outputs was conducted on a 30 m geospatial grid and was forced using meteorology from the National Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS-2, Mitchell and others, 2004; Xia and others, 2012). This simulation used daily snow water equivalent time series from two National Resources Conservation Service snowpack telemetry sites (SNOTEL), Many Glacier and Flattop Mountain, to condition the SnowModel simulation to the observed snowpack (Liston and Heimstra, 2008). Land cover information for the simulation was provided by the 2016 National Land Cover Database (Jin and others, 2019) and 30 m elevation information was provided by the National Elevation Dataset (Gesch and others, 2018).