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Hurricane Harvey: A Damage Assessment of Texas' Central Gulf Coast

May 30, 2019

This data set serves as a damage scale that was created to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. The damage scale ranges from 1 (undamaged) to 5 (total structure collapse, destroyed). A score of 1 was given to structures that had no damage, a score of 2 was given to structures with minor damage, a score of 3 was given to structures with moderate damage, a score of 4 was given to structures with severe damage, and a score of 5 was given to structures that were destroyed. To account for the variety and complexity of damage observed, half-point increments (for example, 4.5) are included and outlined in the data set. Types of structures that can be scored are residential structures which included one-story, multi-story, stilt, modified-stilt, apartment, and mobile homes. A modified-stilt structure is one which is built on stilts, but contains some type of obstruction, such as a garage underneath the main living area. Commercial structures scored included: restaurants, gas stations, churches, general businesses, and hotels. Public structures scored included: schools, libraries, or recreational structures. Other includes fences, mature trees, utility poles, detached garages, and sheds (constructed either of sheet metal or wood).