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Land surface thermal feature change monitoring in urban and urban wild land interface (ver. 3.0, August 2020)

January 18, 2022

We developed an approach to quantify Urban Heat Island (UHI) extent and intensity in selected metropolitan areas in the United States by using Landsat surface temperature product in a time series manner. Landsat land surface temperature from Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) were used to quantify surface temperature and change from 1985 to the current. These data were used to calculate the temperature difference between urban and surrounding rural areas as the UHI intensity in an annual basis. The annual changes of UHI intensity associated with urban development were also quantified. Two datasets containing the annual mean and annual maximum surface temperatures that were spatially in 30 meters resolution were included.

NOTE: While previous version is available from the author, all the datasets in previous version can be found in version 2.0.

First posted - November 01, 2019 (available from author).
Revised - August 20, 2020 (version 2.0).