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Migrating Bird Survey Data Along the San Pedro River and its Tributaries, Southeastern Arizona, 1989-1994

January 24, 2018

Data files in this data series represent migrating bird count and habitat information collected during 1989, 1991, 1993, and 1994 field seasons at 13 riparian sites along the San Pedro River and its tributaries in southeastern Arizona, USA. At each site observations were made at up to 20 points, separated by 100 m arrayed along the riparian zone. Observation periods started at 20 minutes after sunrise, lasted for 7 minutes at each point and were completed within 4 hours. Bird detection and species identification were based on visual sighting, song, and call. Recorded observations were the number of individuals of each detected species detected using each detection method at each point and site within specified distance bands during each observation day (each point visited only once per day). Sites were visited from 11 to 22 times across the 3 field seasons.

The Arizona bird count data release includes a CSV file with survey and site location data, including latitudes and longitudes for each site location. All codes and acronyms from the data are defined in the metadata, with the exception of a list of 4 letter species acronyms for which there is a key included as an attachment on the ScienceBase page.

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